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Buckette Club is based on three simple truths.

1. Spending time with your friends is fun.

2. Creating your bucket list can be life-changing.

3. When you do #1 and #2 together, it's Magic!

In 2005, on a whim, I created a bucket list for myself. I selected the smallest font on my computer, printed my list out, and then put it in the zippered compartment of my wallet. I have changed wallets several times since then, always transferring my tiny list into the new zippered pocket. I updated it occasionally (Hello President Obama!!!) and I still carry it with me today.

I can't prove the list is magical, but the following year I crossed several items off my list and enjoyed one of the best years of my life. I took Italian classes at College of DuPage, and then went on an incredible trip to Italy (and London!) with my husband, Frank. Check, check, check.

In 2011, we bought a used, 2002 Toyota convertible...which I am driving to this day! Check.

I haven't yet shaken hands with my FPOE (Favorite Person On Earth) Stephen Colbert, but I did get to attend a taping of his old show, The Colbert Report, on 4/5/2011, my 55th birthday. Check.

I have been lucky enough to travel to NYC and San Francisco. Check and check.

And, so far, I have learned one semi-decent card trick that'll fool a five-year-old.  (Half-a-check.)

My list has had to evolve a bit since that time. Instead of sending a headline in to Jay Leno, maybe I'll try to get a tweet featured on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show!

I tried the juggling thing...starting with handkerchiefs, etc., but have happily given up on that made me super frustrated! When I first heard about the newly invented indoor skydiving businesses, I added, "Float on air." Now, there are several within an hour of my home, so it's still a possibility!


So, that's the gist of it. I believe that you have to first take the time to identify the things that make you giddy. Then take the time to write them down. How many times have you said out loud, or thought to yourself, "I'm gonna put that on my bucket list"?  But, it's hard to remember, isn't it?!?! And, believe me, it gets harder to remember every year.

Because I believe so much in the process of  thinking about and writing down your bucket list, and love, love, love to spend time with my friends, it wasn't much of a stretch to realize that combining the two might be an awesome idea! So, after finding an awesome printer (Thanks, Joel!) and hashing out what it might look like, I am ready to take the concept for a spin! 

The Buckette Club book explains, very briefly, what I have envisioned for this new type of women's group. We gave it a spiral binding so that it would be easier to write in, and set down without losing your page, so your hands are free to hold your wine glass and cake plate. There are lots of lined areas next to the quotations for you to take lots of notes! 

I am sharing one hundred free  copies of my book with my 2-degrees-of-separation peeps! (Friends, and friends of friends!) If that's you, thank you so much for visiting this page and I can't wait to see what you accomplish!

Please send experiences,, photos (holding check marks if you can!), comments, club meeting suggestions, and list ideas for future editions of the book to me at my comcast address. We will have a comment section here on the website in the near future. I would love feedback of any kind in hopes of improving the book and website before our formal launch.

Thank you in advance!



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