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It took me until I entered my sixties, but I finally found something I'm passionate about! 

It's Buckette Club, a brand new type of "gooth" group (Get Out Of The House) where women

get together with their friends, have fun talking about how they envision their futures,

and build their own, unique, "I'm putting-it-in-writing" bucket lists!

In Buckette Club, you'll make a list of things you hope  
to see, do, visit, learn and explore in the coming years. 

I've come to realize that many of us often comment, "I'm gonna put that on my bucket list!"but then the idea is quickly forgotten and never happens. But, in Buckette Club,  you are going to put your list in writing, and be encouraged by your friends to follow through and start checking things off! Just as importantly, you'll be actively listening to your friends hopes and dreams,
and encouraging them to take action, too!

Wine Toasting

If you are interested in starting a group with some of your friends, you

can order a copy of my book, Buckette Club, to help you get started.

It  gives an overview of the concept and about one hundred list ideas

to get you started. But, importantly, you do not

need to buy the book to start a group.

If you feel that you can explain the idea to your friends and

just want to try it out on your own - that is wonderful! 

Hopefully, you and your friends will, at the very least,
have fun getting together and talking. But, hopefully, you'll also
start putting together your lists and making plans to do some of them. 

In my mind, there is no down side to Buckette Club.

Get together with your friends. Have a nice evening out.

And maybe, just maybe, re-invent your life! 


The Buckette Club website and Buckette Club Facebook page have been created

to help share list ideas, experiences and fun group get-together ideas!

Please let others know what has worked for your group.

During the current coronavirus quarantine and isolation, please

do not attempt to get-together in person with your friends.

But, this might be a great time to share the idea and start

making plans for when we can safely gather again.

If you haven't "Zoomed" yet, try it out!

Also, we will be posting some "isolation-friendly" bucket list ideas

on our Facebook page.

I look forward to hearing from everyone. 
Please contact me with any thoughts or suggestions.

I hope that all of you take some time to think about what makes you happy,

plan some fun activities that you've been putting off until "some day"

and find satisfaction in encouraging your friends to live their dreams, too!


Live. Laugh. List.

If you'd like to receive words that will inspire you,

fun ideas for your Buckette Club meetings,

and additional suggestions for your bucket list, click below!

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